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Versible Can help transform a warehouse of paperwork into free space and resolve all headaches associated with storage, searching and retention.

With our Paper to Digital Conversion service we can:


Receive and Sort Your Documents

We receive your mail through a PO Box or a location you designate and sort the mail to be scanned.



We take your mail and place it through our high-speed scanning process and create a digital image.



Once the image is created we can either submit directly to you via ftp or to your proprietary system that we can create for you.


If you already have scans we can take over from here by transferring your digital images to our team to process


Data Entry

Our expert keyers will take the image and key the relevant information direct to your system or wherever you designate.


Database Management

Once we have entered this data you can now easily retrieve the relevant information or the image itself.


Secure Connection

All connections are encrypted while your files are in transfer.


Secure Storage

Your files stored on our secure servers.