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Mailroom Management

We receive your mail through a PO Box or a location you designate and sort the mail to be scanned.



Once sorted, your mail is processed with our high speed scanners and converted to digital images.

• We will receive and sort your mail.

• We manage virtually all industry standard image formats.

• We will scan images at all industry standard resolutions.

• We will convert paper records into searchable files.


Data Entry

Our trained experts will take the scanned document image and key the required information into your system for validations or whatever your process requires.

Verification – Internal controls to validate any submissions and duplicate elimination. Electronic workflow to ensure total process compliance.


Document Storage and On-line Retrieval Solution

All the images will be stored in servers and a database created for you to easily search and retrieve the image anytime you need it.


Programming and Support

We have a dedicated staff that can help create a system that works for you or integrate it into your system.

Regardless of which process we work with. Our programming staff is here to help your needs around-the-clock.