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Contact Center

HR issues are no longer a concern whether you are simply continuing operations or scaling up.

  • No need to worry about employee absence; we staff so that your office will have a rep handy
  • Our call specialists have expertise across a range of industries, including nonprofits, education, insurance, healthcare, and finance
  • Our goal is always a timely call resolution process to increase customer satisfaction and retention
  • You have access to the agents at any time

Our Contact Center will take care of:

  • Patient Reminders
  • Scheduling and Re-scheduling
  • Follow-up

Our Back Office services will


Virtual Mailroom

We receive your mail through a PO Box or a location you designate and sort the mail to be scanned.



We take your mail and place it through our high-speed scanning process and create a digital image.


Database Creation

Once the image is created we can either submit directly to you via ftp or to a proprietary system that we can create for you.


Data Entry

Our expert keyers will take the image and key the relevant information direct to your system or wherever you designate.